The Best Products For Dry, Damaged, High Porosity Hair
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All natural hair is not created equal. We know, hard to believe! While some of us enjoy a seemingly automatic sheen and moisture retention after applying our favorite products, others of us can’t seem to get our hair to hold any moisture, as our tresses can be left feeling brittle and dry even minutes after washing.

Did you know naturalista, this might have less to do with your hair maintenance routine, and more about your crown’s genetic structure?  Before you rush out to invest in your next lot of moisturizing hair products, take a minute to discover your hair’s porosity level!

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Porosity measures the hair’s ability to adequately take in color, moisture, and any other topical liquid. Levels are usually measured on a low, normal, or high scale with most of us labeling ourselves either low or high. Those with low porosity hair typically notice that products seem to rest on top of the hair and/or scalp, taking a longer time to absorb.

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While curly girls with high porosity hair often notice their curls are harsh to the touch after just applying a moisturizing product, because the hydration absorbs too quickly. Determining your hair’s porosity level can be the key to not only saving yourself a ton on money on products that don’t suit your hair, but will also help later on down the road when figuring out what styling techniques are best.  

So, sift through to find products that are beneficial for curly girls that have high porosity hair and give your hair a little more hydration! 


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