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Hairstyle File: Brandy's Tress Transformation

Brandy dishes on being a 90s hair icon.
When Brandy Norwood made her musical debut in 1993, she was a smiley-faced teenager that we wanted to be down with not only because of her record-breaking hits, but because of her iconic braided hairstyles. It didn’t take long for “Brandy braids” to became the most requested style in every hair salon around town in the mid-nineties, and almost two decades later, we’re still admiring Brandy’s mane moves.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of Brandy now that’s shes starring in the highly acclaimed BET series, “The Game,” and we can’t wait to see what head turning styles she’ll come up with next. Brandy chatted with us about some of the looks we’ll see her rocking on TV and how it felt to be a 90’s hair icon.

ESSENCE.com: It’s been almost two decades since your very first album when you became known for wearing “Brandy braids.” What was it like for you to become a 90’s hair icon?
BRANDY: I thought it was interesting being a young, African-American woman with braids, because at first, people were telling me that I shouldn’t be wearing braids. I just went against that and started doing different things with my braids. Every hairstyle you saw with natural hair, or straight hair or kinky hair, you saw with my braids and I loved that.

ESSENCE.com: Since you’ve been in the business for so long and have had every style in the book, which would you say is your favorite hairstyle?
BRANDY: I really like my hair curly and big. I love the way big hair looks on me.

ESSENCE.com: Being that you were such a big inspiration for women wearing their hair natural and braided, who would you name as some of your hair inspirations?
BRANDY: I love Beyonce’s hair. I just love it. It’s so classy, yet very glamorous. I love Chanel Iman’s style. I think she’s beautiful in every way. Rihanna can’t do any wrong. Her style is fearless. I want to be able to grow into taking risks like that.

ESSENCE.com: We’re so excited about your new role on “The Game.” Tell us about the different hairstyles you’ll be wearing on the show. Is Chardonnay’s style anything like yours?
BRANDY: Chardonnay changes her hair up a lot. She loves to play with color on the show and she goes from red to blond to blondish red. I’m a little bit more simple. I’ve been sticking to black and I’m really loving bangs right now.

In honor of Brandy’s ever-changing hairstyles, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Brandy mane moments over the years.