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Product Junkies: Motions Heat Styled Straight Finish Cleanser

Give your hair what its been craving with this editor-approved hair cleanser.

With more women clamoring for better options when it comes to caring for their textured hair, big brands are stepping up to the plate in major ways. The new challenge? How to straight style our precious curls and waves without the dreaded heat damage.

Thanks to new Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System, the solution comes in 3 easy steps. Now, straighten curls with the added benefit of moisturizers that condition while they work to keep strands protected. The secrets in the formula, comprised of a blend of natural oils (think argan and coconut oils) to prep, protect and seal the hair for straight, smooth, frizz-reduced results. Cleanse, condition and seal your curls while using less heat and watch hair bounce back to its natural texture after just one wash!

Perfect for all natural textures, the new line is now available at retailers and drugstore.com.