Why Every Naturalista Needs A Microfiber Towel
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A cotton towel is the first thing we reach for when our curls are drenching wet, but did you know it’s probably doing more harm than good for your hair?

Although it’s ideal for damp skin, cotton often leaves the most moisturized curls feeling brittle and stiff to the touch. That’s why a microfiber hair towel is a naturalista necessity that you should already own. 

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“These towels are designed to create less friction,” says CurlyNikki.com expert and writer Mary Wolff. “Friction leads to frizz. Using regular cotton towels raises the cuticles of your strands which causes the frizz. A microfiber towel also helps prevent breakage, so it’s a win-win for your curls!”

In short: upgrade your old hair regimen and switch out cotton for microfiber immediately. It promotes moisture retention, prevent dry, brittle hair, and will cut your drying time in half. Talk about a curly girl’s dream!

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