9 Clarifying Shampoos That’ll Take The Gunk Out of Low Porosity Hair
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Low porosity hair is prone to product build up because sealed cuticles prevent moisturizers, shampoos and other liquid formulas from penetrating and nourishing the strands.

As a result, products tends to settle on top of the hair, causing unsightly residue to eventually reach the scalp. If you want to clarify your strands of greasy gunk, you can’t use any old shampoo.

Sulfate-free formulas tend to be milder than other cleansers, but still pack enough emollients (lubricants that soften the hair) to purify the scalp without stripping it of essential nutrients. Get familiar with the top-rated cleansers below and if you have no idea where you fall on the porosity spectrum, practice any of these at-home tests.  

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