10 Top Rated Dry Shampoos Under $30

Dry shampoo is made up of powders that lift oils and create a fresh, clean feeling without water. This one step cleanser is especially perfect for women who want to preserve the life of their protective styles. When rocking braids or extensions, it can be difficult to pull off weekly washes, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with stinky strands. As hold as you hold the can six inches from your head and allow the product to sit for at least two minutes, dry shampoo can quickly revive several days old tresses. These top-rated favorites will do just that without breaking bank. 

Jennifer Ford Sep, 27, 2016

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Stay on budget and revive your dark strands with this drugstore favorite. $7, target.com

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This dry cleansing spray is perfect for balancing out the brassiness of light colored hair while helping to alleviate odor and buildup. $10.50, sephora.com

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This scented dry shampoo is perfect for absorbing excess oil and adding texture without leaving any residue behind. Recommended for all hair types. $28, sephora.com

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Use this dry shampoo, formulated with oat milk, for on-the-go cleansing. This product is great for adding texture and volume to all hair types. $20, sephora.com

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This vegan-friendly dry shampoo contains a natural blend of fine powders and organic essential oils that mattify hair without leaving behind a white residue. $24, sephora.com

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Make thin hair look fuller with this weightless, super volumizing dry shampoo that not only cleanses, but also promotes healthy growth. $25, sephora.com

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Perk up your locks and absorb greasiness with a swift mist of this lightweight cleansing formula to freshen up your locks. $22, sephora.com

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Extend the life of your blowout with this lightly tropical-scented dry shampoo that absorbs excess oils and volumizes hair. $22, sephora.com

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Perfect the lived-in hair look and skip wash day with this oil absorbing and airy scented formula. $24, sephora.com

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Reduce damage from washing and styling while removing excess oil with  this refreshing multitasking formula. $14, sephora.com