14 Underrated Black-Owned Hair Products For Your Spring Arsenal

It's important to support the beauty bosses within our community, especially since their priority is making sure our precious strands are healthy and flourishing. This spring, get familiar with the brands creating formulas that nourish, heal and moisturize our strands from root to tip. 

Samantha Callender May, 04, 2017

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This conditioner keeps hair smooth and hydrated, while preventing frizz. 

available at Walmart $14 Buy Here

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This hair butter adds extreme moisture to natural curls. 

available at Target $16 Buy Here

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This unique blend gives strength and restoration to dry hair.

available at Target $15 Buy Here

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This black woman-owned product adds an extra boost of moisture to the hair and scalp. 

available at LivSo $18 Buy Here

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This oil is packed with multi vitamins that promote the retention of moisture to the scalp and hair.

available at Target $12 Buy Here

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A super hydrating oil spray by a vegan line that restores shine and strength to strands.

available at Target $10 Buy Here

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This moisturizing milk delivers intense shea from root to tip.

available at Soultanicals $16 Buy Here

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This balm provides moisture and shine to the hair using all natural ingredients.

available at Target $7 Buy Here

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This conditioner utilizes macadamia nuts to deliver an intense oil treatment to your strands. 

available at Be Huetiful $12 Buy Here

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This oil penetrates the hair shaft, delivering moisture that actually lasts.

available at Koils by Nature $25 Buy Here

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Give your hair a little avocado love for deep nourishment. 

available at Bee Mine Organics $20 Buy Here

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This cream is made from all natural ingredients that nourish and protect strands.

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An organic handmade product that tames frizz and defines curls. 

available at NUMA $15 Buy Here

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This thick pomade protects strands and seals in moisture.

available at Etsy $17 Buy Here