5 Things You Need To Keep Your Hair Products Organized
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Purging expired products is an essential part of any hair enthusiast’s routine. And now that the New Year has officially arrived, you’re probably motivated to stay as organized as possible. Like your skin and makeup staples, there are a core set of organizers that will keep your shampoos, stylers and more from transforming into one, big mess. Get in formation with best storage for your hair care stash: 
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We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve sometimes resorted to lazily stuffing our extensions in plastic bags or boxes. To elongate the life and luster of your clip-ins, invest in a space-saving extensions hanger that allows you to easily wash and dry without making a mess. Say goodbye matting and tangling!
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There’s nothing worse than buying scrunchies, bobby pins and other small baubles that magically disappear in days. A tabletop drawer organizer allows you to keep everything in one place; big styling tools, included!   If you’re on a budget and looking for a two-fer, stackable plastic containers are the perfect place to store hair and beauty products. Not only do they save space; the transparent plastic means you can easily spot what you need without making a mess. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.
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A lot of us swear by DIY recipes for day-to-day care, so having the proper storage bottles is imperative. In addition to spray bottles, looks for ones with caps to hold heavier creams and oils.
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Avoid an awkward TSA run-in by storing this flat storage mat inside your suitcase. It’s ideal for travelers who don’t want to leave their styling tools (irons, blowdryers, etc) at home.


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