7 Products You Need To Survive A Big Chop In 2017
Natasha Tendai
There are many reasons we commit to a big chop. For some, it’s the only way to rehabilitate unhealthy hair. For others, it’s the need to cure boredom. And for people like me, a dramatic hair makeover is the best way to kick off a fresh start. It’s been just over a month since I bid farewell to shoulder length locks and with that awkward adjustment period behind me, it’s full steam ahead to 2017. You may be contemplating a trip to the salon, but need a little motivation to follow through after the NYE ball has dropped.

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Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Taking on a short do can be intimidating, even for the bravest of souls, so we’re here to steer you in the right direction. Once you’ve made it past the scary part (the actual cut), you can look forward to an easy upkeep routine. My big chop survival kit includes just a few key products that make living the cut life incredibly easy. See why I love them below! 
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No matter your curl pattern, DevaCurl is a brand you can trust to actually do what it says. Unless you’re hopelessly devoted to shampoo, this milky formula cleanses without stripping your hair of moisture. I’m using this once a week and following up with the matching conditioner twice a week.
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Even if you’re not doing the big chop in 2017, a silk/satin pillowcase is imperative. Unlike abrasive cotton, this soft material works with and not against your strands, so you don’t wake up with frizz every morning. This particular pillowcase is infused with copper for added skin benefits.
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I don’t use this everyday, but this “supercream” styler is a great way to revive curls a couple of days after washing. Apply very sparingly if combining with a gel. The downside of using a normal brush for smoothing edges is that it can interrupt the curl pattern nearest your forehead. A smaller one like this means you can style your curls without the worry of them being frizzed up before you head out the door. Alternatively, a toothbrush or spoolie brush works just as well.
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Yes, laid edges still matter when your hair is short. And after years of trying out dozens of edge gels, this one takes the top spot. It doesn’t flake or leave a nasty white film and the nourishing ingredients (honey, ginger) cancel out hair crunch. Seriously, I’m obsessed!
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After spritzing my hair with a little water, a dime size of this lightweight formula adds extra coils without frizz. And it doesn’t harden the hair like alcohol-based gels. Coconut oil is loved by many, but I’m currently obsessed with almond oil, which I like to mix with this hair mask once a week. No matter your style, deep conditioners and masks are a great way to treat your strands when conditioners don’t cut it. And now that winter is officially here, your hair is probably begging for it.   In case you missed it, watch my big chop at the Devachan Salon below.


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