10 Shower Caps That Are Cute Enough For Your Dorm Room

When space is limited, but you still want a room that feels like home, finding dorm items that are both fashion forward and functional is a must. Regardless of your routine, having a shower cap on hand is bound to save you or your roommate from a bad hair day. Here, we've gathered the chicest options that will blend in with whatever theme you've conjured up for your private queendom. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 10, 2017

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Your own private queendom deserves this waterproof crown. 

available at ASOS $9 Buy Here

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How could you not crack a smile in a hat covered with rainbows?!

available at Forever 21 $3 Buy Here

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Obsessed with vintage? You're bound to fall in love with the adorable brooch on this retro cap. 

available at Neiman Marcus $18 Buy Here

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You'll be surprised by the amount of hair this turban can hold without losing its chic shape. The nanotech fabric is 100% waterproof and also wicks away humidity. 

available at Sephora $43 Buy Here

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This cap is lined with terry cloth that keeps out moisture while the cotton-lined elastic prevents lines from forming across your forehead. 

available at Nordstrom $16 Buy Here

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Okay, nothing or no one is perfect, but this cap is pretty close! It's big enough to hold your most voluminous styles and offers double protection with terry cloth under the chic pink and white print. 

available at Nordstrom $18 Buy Here

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Embrace your nautical side in this adorable (and reasonably priced) print. 

available at Forever 21 $3 Buy Here

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The same brand that makes our favorite gentle hair products also created this fashion forward, but functional terry cloth-lined cap. 

available at Sephora $15 Buy Here

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Besides being lined with terrycloth, this Amazon gem is big enough to hold super long hair and comes lined with PVC for an extra layer of waterproof protection. 

available at Amazon $4 Buy Here

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Channel your sexy side in this boudoir-themed cap. So chic! 

available at Amazon $10 Buy Here