I'm Hoping These 10 Hair Products Created By Black Women Will Revive My Tresses

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Turns out, Etsy is a Black hair care gold mine.
Dominique Hobdy Mar, 13, 2019

There comes a time in every beauty regimen when the products you swear by seem to become null and void. Your skin or hair gets used to the formula of your go-to products and the effects die down or vanish completely.

When it comes to my natural hair and the products I’ve grown to love, I think we’ve come to a crossroads.

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m in love with my curls and am in awe at how much they’ve grown since I went natural. However, I think we’re at a standstill here.

My current state prompted me to do some research into new haircare products to try. It turns out, Etsy is a goldmine. And because “trust Black women” is a motto I live by, I’m looking at these all-natural hair masks, oils, conditioners and more to help my hair flourish.

Shop below if you’re in need of some new hair care love!