Your Hair Oil Could Be Making Your Dry Scalp Worse, According To One Expert
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There are several reasons why you could be experiencing dry scalp, and your hair oil could be one of them. While they typically deliver nutrients that prevent flakes and irritation, hair oils can also worsen the problem.

Sure, it’s ironic, but Robin Groover, a brand educator for African Pride says the main reason why hair oils may not affect scalp dryness is due to product buildup. “Balancing the scalp’s pH, is the first key to reaping the benefits of your oil of choice,” Groover tells Essence.

The pH determines how acidic or alkaline your scalp is. And the former condition can cause hair follicles to contract, which makes it difficult for nutrients to reach below the scalp’s surface—and easy for the buildup to accumulate. Before applying oil, she suggests using a clarifying shampoo.

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“You should be deep cleaning the scalp at least every two weeks. Another major factor contributing to product buildup is the molecular weight of the product. If it absorbs into your skin, it will absorb into your hair. If the products just sit on top without absorption, it will react the same way on your hair,” she says, so understanding your hair’s porosity is also key.

Once you’ve found a lightweight oil, you should only moisturize your scalp as necessary ( the dryer the hair and scalp tend to be, the more frequently you should be oiling your scalp). But finding the best hair oil for your tresses may prove to be difficult, considering there are countless options.  

And that’s where we come in to introduce you to African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Oils, a formula that features five oils with a range of benefits. And just in case you’re curious about the said benefits, we asked Groover to explain every single one of them.

The formula features Castor Oil, which provides essential proteins to nourish the follicle while also promoting hair growth. Grapeseed Oil, which protects brittle hair from breaking while also penetrating deep into the strands due to its lightweight nature. Argan Oil, which helps fight dandruff and frizz while also nourishing the hair shaft and promoting hair growth. Coconut Oil, which promotes scalp health while also preventing hair breakage and softening the hair strands. And Olive Oil, which protects and smooths the strands while also preserving and helping to retain moisture. Last but not least, this nourishing blend will leave the hair with body and shine.

The African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Oils is available at Walgreens.

Editor’s Note: If you suffer from chronic dryness and inflammation, consult a physician for best treatment options.


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