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We’re always here for a father and daughter beauty adventure, and filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry is exploring just that in his latest project.  

Inspired by the recent wave of viral videos showcasing Black fathers engaged in endearing moments with their children, Cherry’s Hair Love is a 3D animated short that will tackle the relationship between fictional dad Stephen and his daughter Zuri. 

The former, who wears long locs, is tasked with styling his daughter’s hair for the first time ever and in the midst of the process, her hair takes on a magical life of its own. 

Hoping to bring representation of natural hair to the animated space and showcase a positive example of Black fatherhood, Cherry says he hopes this project will inspire Black boys and girls to embrace their kinks and coils. 

The filmmaker and his team are aiming to raise $75,000 in funds by August 9 and right now, they are almost halfway there.

If you want to support the campaign and see complete sketches of the main characters, check out the Kickstarter here.