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Zoe Kravitz Just Casually Unveiled A New Hairstyle

Blink and you might miss her next transformation. 
Zoe Kravitz Just Casually Unveiled A New Hairstyle
Jamie McCarthy

Zoe Kravitz has spent most of her summer in a platinum blonde pixie, but as expected, the singer and actress is already onto her next look. Yesterday (Aug. 7), she casually debuted a jet black coif while poking fun at getting her coat tail caught in a door. 

Though she didnโ€™t tag the creator of her new color (or the designer of her fabulous plaid shirt and pant ensemble), we can almost assume that her trusty hairstylist Nikki Nelms had something to do with it.  

The self-proclaimed “Hair MacGyver” has also worked with a handful of other textured beauties, including Solange Knowles and Janelle Monae. In fact, the latter actually starred alongside Zoe in Tiffany’s “There’s Only One” campaign. 

This summer has been a wild one thus far for the Rough Night  and Big Little Lies actress, who just wrapped up a campaign with Canon Europe, and was recently announced as the new face of YSL Beauty.  

It looks like Zoe has no signs of slowing down, and weโ€™re sure that sheโ€™ll continue to deliver amazing hair moments along the way.