This Unusual Product is the Key to Keeping Hair Moisturized This Winter
loliputa/Getty Images

Retaining your hair’s moisture during winter’s harsh weather is paramount for healthy strands. But that can feel like a full-time job. Practicing a hydrating routine that consists of countless products (don’t’ forget a hair mask!) can be exhausting.

And while there’s a bevy of wonderful shampoos, conditioners and oils that promise to keep your hair moisturized, the one thing you really need this winter to protect and hydrate your strands isn’t actually a traditional beauty product. 

While the benefits of sleeping on a satin, or silk, pillowcase has been well documented — it helps to retain moisture among other things — many of us don’t think about protecting our hair with the silken material during the day. Grace Eleyae’s satin-lined caps wants to change that.  

These caps, which can be worn as is or discreetly hidden under a hat, retain, regain and maintain moisture throughout your hair. Unlike a typical cotton winter hat, satin minimizes the amount of breakage and hair loss. These caps are the extra protection your hair needs to stay healthy during winter’s freezing temperatures. 

At $30,  Grace Eleyae’s satin-lined caps are a bit of an investment, but your hair will certainly be grateful for it! Let us know, do you wear silk-lined caps during the winter?