Affordable Hair Products to Gift Your BFF (Or Anyone) Who's Going Natural

Jennifer Ford Dec, 14, 2017

Now that the holiday season has arrived, so has our angst for 2018. There’s bound to be one girl in your tribe already proclaiming the New Year New Me mantra, with her sights set on a big chop to celebrate.

For most, the natural hair journey is the ultimate beauty experiement. And while the experience is different for everyone, there are a few tools that every natural novice should have. So if your BFF is going natural for the very first time, gift her with these starter kit essentials.

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available at The Mane Choice $49.95 Buy

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Every curly girl needs a set of spray bottles for storing liquids to revive three-day hair.

available at Amazon $24.50 Buy

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Deep conditioning is essential for healthy hair and this microwavable deep conditioning heat cap filled with flaxseed, offers an easy and stylish way to achieve salon quality results at home.

available at Thermal Hair Care $29.95 Buy

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This exclusive 2-n-1 African Wax Print Satin lined extra large bonnet, is the best sleep and shower bonnet for women with big, voluminous or textured hair.

available at Latched and Hooked $25 Buy

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Inspire the ultimate beauty rest with this silk pillow case made from mulberry silk that keeps natural hair healthy and hydrated while sleeping.

available at Sephora $79 Buy

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Deep condition and set protective styles using this hooded dryer.

available at Walmart $40.19 Buy

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Take the guesswork out of having healthy, vibrant, and manageable tresses with this all natural starter kit created by Biomedical Scientist and certified healthy hair expert, Dr. Chambers Harris. Featuring organic and natural products this line nourishes, cleanses, and moisturizes your scalp.

available at Alodia $44.99 Buy

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This handmade styling comb is made with smooth tapered teeth and rounded tips to prevent breakage while protective styling.

available at Eternally In Amber $15.50 Buy

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A book compiled of some of the best tips and stories from experts, influencers and community members collected over the past two decades. The book takes readers through every step of the curl experience, including going natural, texture typing, and creating a curl regimen.

available at Amazon $15.16 Buy

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A subscription service is an easy and affordable way for girls with natural hair to discover new hair products and have them delivered straight to their doorstep every month.

available at curlBOX $20 per month Buy

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If wash-and go hairstyles are a go to, then this hair towel made of Aquitex technology is a must have for cutting drying time in half and controlling frizz.

available at Sephora $40 Buy


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