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'Future First' Is The Short Film Encourages Black Girls to Reclaim Their Beauty

‘Future First’ Short Film
Plume Creative/Getty Images
A new short film has hit the internet that seeks to inspire young Black and brown girls to reclaim their beauty. Created by LAMBB the film, titled Future First, focuses on reclaiming spaces in beauty that are being taken and misconstrued by the mainstream media. An acronym for Look At My Black Beauty, LAMBB, is a collective of creatives who create media visuals to redefine the images of people of color as it pertains to beauty and representation. Aside from the culture vulturing, the film tackles how such appropriation can be triggering for Black girls who are taught from birth that they cannot fall victim to systems put in place to alienate and destroy them. With recurring themes such as sisterhood, sensualness, and softness, the film encourages Black women to come together, as a unified front, walking fearlessly towards a future that belongs to them. Check out the film below and let us know what you think.
For more of the collective’s empowering, check out their Instagram.