Little Ryleigh Lynne understands the struggles big-haired ladies go through everyday in trying to tame their curls. The five-year-old tot is now a viral sensation following a failed, but hilarious, hair tutorial she tried to make on her own. Ryleigh Lynne has a gorgeous full head of natural of curls, and we can relate to her frustration in trying to style it “like mommy does.” “I’ve got way too much hair,” she repeats as she attempts to squeeze it all into a ponytail Her mother, Tara Watkins, shared the video on Facebook, with the caption “Hair tutorial gone WRONG!!! My baby tried though. She said she has too much hair.” It already has been viewed 1.5 million times! Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news “Everyone loved how determined she was. They even loved her little cute frustration of not being able to get all of her hair up into a ponytail,” Watkins told The Huffington Post. “In the black hair community, ‘big hair’ is so real and a lot of women can relate to it! Also, many people loved seeing a little girl embrace and love her hair in its natural, beautiful texture.”
After multiple attempts, and assistance from an off-camera source, Ryleigh Lynne eventually gives up on the ponytail and leaves her hair down. She did make sure her edges were laid though! Like all of us, she has better things to do than spend all day trying to get her hair right!


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