All Of The Hair Rings Inspo You Need For Festival Season


Beyoncé may have cancelled her Coachella takeover, but festival season is still in full effect.

Nikki Brown Apr, 12, 2017

From the California desert to Randall’s Island in NYC and our very own ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, this year is stacked with a slew of performances that you may or may not plan to see in person. Festival settings are feeding ground for culturally insensitive fashion and beauty (headdresses, face paint, etc.), so make sure you don’t get caught in the fray.

Black women have long been trendsetters and the latest accessory crazy is perfect for any and every texture. Hair rings, available in an assortment of designs and finishes, are basically jewelry for the tresses that can be easily worn on a bevy of styles.

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Whether you’re sporting goddess braids, long locs or twists, these teeny baubles are the quickest way to transform into a standout. Before you pick up a set of your own, bookmark some styling inspo below! 

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Weave them into a cascading french braid. 

2 of 25 @aurelia_carnets/ instagram

Work them into your braids, from root to tip. 

3 of 25 @naturalbabe10.11_pro/instagram

Add a royal twist to your goddess locs with gold baubles. 

4 of 25 @nsokimusic/instagram

Spice up a loose braid with pretty gold hoops. 

5 of 25 @pippamelody/instagram

Line gold rings in front of your afro for extra pizazz. 

6 of 25 @hautesavage/instagram

Don't be afraid to mix it up with words and pops of color. 

7 of 25 @cynthiaglam/instagram

Go bold with extra large rings at the bottom of your do. 

8 of 25 @kywill/instagram

Run them in a straight line down the center of your braid. 

9 of 25 @the_hairchologist/instagram

Spruce up your top knot with a few at the top of your head. 

10 of 25 @hairstyledbymaz/instagram

This half-up, half-down style gets an instant upgrade with a pop of gold rings. 

11 of 25 @dallasalexiaxo/instagram

Pair your hair hoops with a pair of matching doorknockers. 

12 of 25 @kameelyen/instagram

These silver hoops are taking her side braids to next level fierceness. 

13 of 25 @carlbembridgehair/instagram

Small accessory. Big impact! 

14 of 25 @alanahenry._/instagram

Your hair hoops and facial piercings are a match made in heaven. 

15 of 25 @krystalmetcalfe/instagram

Bling bling! 

16 of 25 @janieb/instagram

White hot rings for the win. 

17 of 25 @toryhammondsalon/instagram

Your milkmaid braid is begging to be accessorized. 

18 of 25 @monicabibalou/instagram

Scatter them throughout your ponytail. 

19 of 25 @hevicstyles/instagram

The more jewelry, the better. 

20 of 25 @joydarlinginnit/instagram

Sometimes, just a few make a huge difference. 

21 of 25 @benyhanders/instagram

Top knot goals. 

22 of 25 @vidakush/instagram

Accessorize your braided bob with a handful of silver baubles. 

23 of 25 @vidakush/instagram

Loving the uniform placement of these hoops! 

24 of 25 @thepatriciabright/instagram

Even straight hairstyles can flourish with a couple of well-placed rings. 

25 of 25 @clatodd/instagram

Mix and match your jewelry to perfection.