13 Fresh Festival-Ready Hairstyles You Need To Bookmark ASAP

Samantha Callender Mar, 22, 2018

With spring and summer festivals on the horizon, it’s officially time to start planning your looks for each event. If you’re heading to Coachella, Broccoli City Fest, AfroPunk and even Essence Fest this year, having a unique hairstyle is one way to express yourself and let your creativity come through. 

Whether it’s flowers, beads or color in your hair, festivals are the perfect place to get experimental with styles you don’t see on a regular basis. Channel all of your creative and artistic energy by drawing inspo from some of the awesome ‘Gram photos of festival-worthy hair.

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Get bold and bright with some clips that give us “A Seat at The Table” realness.

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Give these thick, jumbo locs a try for major texture and volume at your next festival.

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Bring the infamous Snapchat filter to life with some faux florals to adorn your hair, giving you the crown you deserve.

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These puffs are fun and are a nice play on texture. Use some Marley hair to create a full and voluminous look.

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Add some silk floral clips to hair to give create an ethereal and Eden-esque look.

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Try a new bold look this season with a platinum blonde ‘fro you can achieve via a salon dye job or maybe even spray paint some blonde in your hair with temporary dye.

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Little live flowers make this look innocent and sweet, yet fresh and creative.

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Get your magical unicorn on with these multi-colored braids that will make you the most vibrant member of any festival audience.

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These gorgeous locs are adorned with jewels and twine, making them a gorgeous site in any festival crowd.

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Add a pop of color to this tried and true style for a twist on a natural hair gal’s staple style.

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This intricate braid and mohawk combo is def a standout hairstyle for any festival goer.

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This shell adorned look is a perfect ultra-protective style that definitely makes a statement.

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This sweet pastel color is playful and fresh for springtime festivals.