The average woman changes her hair at least once every other month. It’s true: we get bored easily and are looking for something new and exciting. Since weaves and wigs hit the scene we’ve been able to switch our look in the blink of an eye. But, with wearing them comes misconceptions and falsehoods. To help us debunk the myths, we asked YouTube beauty blogger and creator of Crowned by Monet, Tiarra Monet to share the biggest misconceptions with wearing weaves and extensions.

“The number one misconception is that extensions are meant to stay in forever,” says Monet. “It’s important to take care of your hair underneath it all. I don’t recommend going over 6-8 weeks with one install.”

And in taking care of your weave or extension, make sure you treat it as if it’s your own hair by washing it and properly moisturizing it. “I would also suggest light weight/non-greasy products to avoid build up,” she says.

Another common misconception is that blending extensions is a must. But in reality, lace closures are growing more popular than ever before. “Instead of traditional braid/twist outs to blend hair, lace closures allow full coverage and blend for you,” she says. “And, with all of the new hair technology, [using a] lace closures it couldn’t be easier.”

Still believe wearing and maintaining a weave is a chore? Just choose a texture that closely mimics your natural hair for a no-fuss style that lasts a bit longer than most. “Hair is one of the best accessories,” she says. “One of the best things about wigs is the opportunity to wear color and try new styles without damaging your hair.”

Tiarra Monet will be a panelist at the Simply Stylist Beauty and Fashion Conference sponsored by DOVE in NYC on October 25th. For tickets visit


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