We get this fuzzy feeling every time we stumble across a video of a boyfriend or husband assisting his significant other with her beauty routine.

Whether it’s a makeup challenge or tag teaming a twist out, these loveable moments are relationship goals realized and they’ve got us aiming high.

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And if you need proof that there’s men out there “who can do both”, check out this heartwarming clip of a husband taking out his wife’s hair extensions. Most of us loathe the tedious task and the arm numbing that follows, so we’ll pay someone else to get the job done.

But according to this husband, it’s easy and definitely not worth paying someone $50 to do something that he can do himself.

Chris says it’s simple.  You just “cut the little strings”.


“Sew-ins ain’t that hard, it’s just simple. You just cut the little strings. Don’t cut the hair.  You cut the strings. Fellas, if you ever want to take out your wife’s hair or your girlfriend’s hair, you just cut the strings.  Don’t cut her hair.”


This video definitely has us re-evaluating our potential bae checklist. Remain steadfast ladies. There’s hope and he’s out there.

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