A Foolproof Guide for Selecting the Best Natural Hair Extensions
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We’ve all been there: hopelessly staring in the mirror, not knowing what to do with our hair. Sometimes, we turn to a tried and true protective style when we simply want a break from our natural coiffures–a hair weave! 

But with so many natural hair extensions companies out there, it can be tough to know which will fit our lifestyles best and have long lasting protection. Consider the following before your next purchase!

Your Natural Hair Texture vs The Desired Texture of Hair Extensions:

There is nothing worse than spending all of your good coins on quality hair extensions and install, only to find out that your real hair and the extensions doesn’t blend properly, even after some manipulation.  It lacks what I like call “blendation.”

Blendation, /blend-āSH(ə)n/ : a word that comes from the native land of Black Girl Magic, which essentially means that your natural hair perfectly blends with your hair extensions, making it difficult from any onlooker to identify where you natural hair and extensions meet.

So do yourself a favor and make sure the hair extensions you purchase are a close match to your natural hair texture and length.

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Essentially, you want to evaluate how committed you are to the “process“ of rocking a natural hair weave. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but natural hair weaves can be just as much work as your natural hair.

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If you want your “blendation” to be on point, then you will have to care for your extensions just as you would care for your real hair.  Yes, it has to be detangled and must be moisturized.  Ultimately, you have to decide if the added volume, length and style protection is worth the extra work!

If you are looking for a break from all the maintenance that comes with your hair, then I would suggest selecting a looser curl pattern, providing that you can get that “blendation” together. You can also opt for a straight weave or other less time consuming protective style.


Establish your intention for the style before setting a budget. Do you intend to keep the hair installed for 2-3 weeks or a while longer?  If you plan on the latter and have the flexibility to use the hair more than once, I suggest creating a budget that reflects this purchase as an “investment.” It may hit your pocket initially, but will be well worth the longevity and quality…. which brings me to my next point.


Quality. Quality. Quality. We hear a lot about quality when it comes to weaves/ extensions, but how are we supposed to evaluate it from a computer screen? Whether you are online or at a physical store, remember these three important point:  

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 i.     Transparency: This all boils down to transparency and the company’s willingness to answer important questions about their extensions. The company should be able to explain where the hair comes from, the process of achieving the natural curly/coily texture and if they have a quality control system. 

 ii.     Reviews: This is must.  Look up reviews and see what other people have to say about the hair. There will always be varying opinions and experiences, but if an overwhelmingly number of people are disappointed and comment negatively, I suggest selecting another brand.

 iii.     Customer Service: Y’all know the feeling when you are trying to contact a company regarding your order and you are calling, emailing, sending smoke signals and getting no response! Or when you do get a response, the representative is rude.

Customer service is a make or break for me and it should be for you too, especially when you are investing in extensions. Ensure that the company has reliable contact system, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order. Lastly, read up on their return/exchange policy and make sure that they are reasonable.

2017 is your year; just be sure that while you are out here shining in your career, health and love goals…that your hair extensions and blendation shine with you!

Bukky is a hairstylist in New York City and runs a non-profit organization. Follow her at @bukks or @haironpurpose.

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