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EXCLUSIVE: Head & Shoulders New Hair Care Line Is Truly A Game Changer

Did you know that 77% of Black women experience scalp issues? This can include a number of problems though most commonly a dry or itchy scalp. As we’ve discussed ad nauseam, a healthy scalp is the root of flourishing locks. While it can be super easy to overlook taking care of it, thankfully Head & Shoulders is making it a lot easier with their latest collection, Royal Oils.  Designed with our specific hair needs and concerns in mind, the collection of six products is truly a game changer.
A team of Black hair care experts incorporated six decades of research into formulating this line. Each product, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and co-wash, is super hydrating and conditioning to ensure hair remains soft and defined. Zinc pyrithione (ZPT), known for its antifungal properties, was added to every product to help keep itchiness and dryness at bay. Due to the scalp’s unique microclimate, fungus and oil can easily build-up in between our wash days, which is why using products like these can make all of the difference. When asked why Black women should consider incorporating products like those in the Royal Oils line into their routine celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright shared in a statement that, “I love that the Royal Oils Collection is great for the everyday woman and those who have dry scalp issues. What I love about Head & Shoulders is that it is surprisingly great for textured hair, as it is very hydrating.” Retailing for $8.99 – $12.99 the line is extremely affordable and can be picked up at mass-market retailers and online, including Walmart and Amazon. We’re excited to get our hands on  the Moisturizing Co-Wash and Deep Moisturising Mask. The gentle cleansing conditioner refreshes and removes build-up while the mask intensely and deeply moisturizes hair. “Personally, I like to use these products as a system. Royal Oils is a wonderful system that is great not only just for treating dandruff but as a universal system that everyone can use,” Wright also stated. Ahead check out the rundown on the entire collection!