Celebrity Hair Stylist Vernon François Has The Best Advice To Keep Your Natural Hair Poppin’

Celebrity stylist Vernon François has mastered the art of creating head-turning red carpet styles while also prioritizing quality hair care.

Hair for this stylist is more than a job, it is his passion!

François’s creations have helped mainstream media embrace the diversity of Black hair in high fashion. Here are three tips Vernon shared at ESSENCE Festival 2018 to keep your natural hair healthy:

1. Don’t Over Stretch: Although shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. It can sometimes make it difficult to achieve that perfect puff-pony or slick bun. Instead of forcing all of your hair into one band, try creating a smaller ponytail in the center of your head and then secure the perimeter. It will increase the length without putting too much pressure on your edges.

2. Slick Edges are Optional: Gelling your baby hair to perfection may be a popular trend but it can become a damaging daily habit. Try embracing your edges au natural a few times per week and watch them blossom. Also, be sure to secure the front of your hair with a satin scarf at night to keep them in place (not too tight!).

3. Have Fun: The versatility of black hair is what makes it so beautiful. Don’t pressure yourself to commit to one look. Try new styles and embrace your natural hair at every phase. Stepping outside of the box gives others the courage to do the same.