Edge Entity Is The Shade Room-Approved Hair Brand That Promises To ‘Magically’ Grow Your Edges
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The Shaderoom, a source of hilarious memes, breaking news and every so often, a beauty brand that really grabs our attention.

The latest to stop us in our scrolling tracks is Edge Entity, a brand, that promises to magically grow thinning or damaged edges. 

Our edges are something Black women take very seriously, which explains why some naturalistas have turned to relaxing or using Vicks to help them grow. To help us better understand the complicated world of edges, we chatted with Aqila Augusta founder of Edge Entity

Like many great businesses, Edge Entity was created by accident. “I started Edge Entity because I was suffering with hair loss issues. My edges were very thin and seemingly had no potential for growth,” Aqila explains. “My intent was never to start a business. I just created a product for myself that worked.

“It worked for me, it worked for my friends, and I started giving it away since it worked so well.” 

While Aqila’s professional background is not in hair care, she does credit her experience as a nurse as helping her formulate products that actually work. “I’ve studied chemistry and biology courses in depth enough to know how to combine certain ingredients to make them work with each other to create an effective product,” she shares. 

The product, which comes in a cream and digestible, promises to stimulate hair follicles and to produce rapid growth to areas because of the natural oils, coconut and peppermint. 

“Black women are versatile and experimental when it comes to their hair. Some of the styles that require having those versatile looks, are beautiful but unfortunately may be damaging to our hair, such as relaxers and braids that are extremely tight causing breakage and tension,” Aqila says. 

Many of the ingredients in Edge Entity are familiar and beloved by the natural hair community for hair healthy and growth, such as Jojoba plant extract, omega-9 fatty acid and avocado extract. It’s also important to note that petrolatum and mineral oil, two rather controversial ingredients—many are against using them as they’re believed to clog the hair follicles—are also on the list. So if you’re adverse to using either, you may want to proceed with caution. 

Aqila stands by the benefits of her product. “If used correctly, consistently, twice daily, your chances of seeing results with Edge Entity are profound!” she says. 

While we have yet to try the buzzy beauty brand Aqila and her thousands of fans have us itching to do so. 

Have you tried it?