Ah edges! The making and breaking of a beauty look is often predicated on the status of ones edges being laid. Many of us graduated from the days of laying our edges with JAM, and Ampro PRO STYL to edge control. Although, there’s no shade to those who still rely on the classics.
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These handy pomades and gels, known collectively as edge control products are a godsend for styles that require a sleek hair hairline and/or baby hair.  However, not all edge controls are created equally, because not all hair textures are the same. Because hair textures vary tremendously in our community, finding the best edge control for your hair and desired level of hold, is really a matter of trial and error.
Honestly, you don’t know struggle until you’ve been on a New York subway platform in the middle of Summer, and you fall victim to edge reversion because your product failed. To get you started on the journey of discovery for the best product for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best edge control products available.