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[SOUND] [MUSIC] It just felt like a real high-fashion shoe. [MUSIC] My most favorite moment was definitely the Maserati. I think I wanna get a Maserati. I like the Ferragamo, the red with the cape, cuz it was drama. I also liked the black Christian Siriano cape, and that [UNKNOWN] with the two slits. You know what? Every outfit was And this face beat and this hair, like, I wanna go out tonight. [MUSIC] For Cookie, what you can expect is her fashion is gonna be taken to an, a whole another level. Like, when you first meet her, she's kinda 17 years, behind the curve. She has to find her footing in the fashion game. Well, she got it. Now, it's like [INAUDIBLE]. Also a lot of flashbacks of what her life was like when she was in prison. You'll get to see her great at what she does. You know, starting from nothing and building. That's all I can say. [UNKNOWN] When you see it, you'll be like aw, I know what she meant. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Lip gloss. Lover. Staying home. French fries. Sweet. Wine. Dinner. Ice Cream. Coffee. Both. Both. Basketball. Neither one. Car. [MUSIC] Flats. Bowling. Skating. Both. [NOISE] Christmas. Dog. Tats. Both. Cake. [MUSIC] No. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hamburgers. [MUSIC] Dresses. [MUSIC] Call. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Cookie. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

Taraji P. Henson is living her best life with a new hairstyle in tow. After undergoing a busy awards season, the Hidden Figures actress is finally getting to some well-deserved R&R and in carefree Black girl fashion.

Yesterday (March 27), Taraji posted several photos from what appears to be an exotic vacation to her Instagram, where she’s seen bare-faced and rocking our favorite low maintenance protective style: goddess locs!


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The hairstyle is a switch up from her signature bob and it appears the actress is loving her new look as much as we are. We’ve seen a number of celeb slaying the trendy do and Taraji is the latest A-lister to join the slay club with her mane and tapered sides.

Check out more photos of the vacay below:


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Vacay goals.

Yes, serve Taraji!.

As you can see, her dedicated glam squad also got to have fun in the sun. Taraji is definitely the coolest boss ever!

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