Diamond’s Natural Hair Is Gorgeous And We’ve Got The Receipts
Getty Images

There’s nothing like someone trying to crown check you because they can’t find something valid to tear you down about. But it’s especially ironic when you know that your crown is glorious.

Carlton might have tried to come for Diamond with a one liner about a “sliding wig” during their explosive breakup in an episode of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, but the woman is a beauty and there’s no denying that. And since the show’s rapid spike in popularity more eyes have been on the queen, particularly, her hair.

Just a few days ago, the former NBA dancer posted a photo of herself with Real Housewives of Atlanta regular Shamea Morton, rocking her God-given curls at The Willie Moore Jr Show.

But it isn’t the first time we’ve seen the star’s natural hair. She’s never been shy about showing off her curls. And like most Black women, she’s a bonafide hair chameleon. She’s able to switch it up from a long body wave to her juicy curls, to a blowout or low ponytail, and back again in one week.

And like all Black women, she should be free to wear her hair in any style she sees fit without worry about getting hat checked. Unfortunately for the haters, she looks smoking in all her looks. And social media followers agree so much that some are even asking for her hair regimen.

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