Customize Your Wig For Free With This New Service
Photo: Courtesy of Mayvenn

Hair extensions are expensive. Bundles can cost you hundreds of dollars, and by the time you have them installed and styled, you’ve spent a small fortune.  

Even if you select a wig to save money on installation fees, by the time you have it plucked, cut, and colored, you’ve spent just as much or more. That’s unless you purchase a wig from Mayvenn. 

The buzzy hair company that offers free installations when you purchase three bundles from their website announced today that they are rebranding and to celebrate, they’re launching the new Mayvenn Services program that includes their famous free install and now wig customization.

The program will allow clients to get their lace wigs cut, plucked, bleached, and tinted for free by a local Mayvenn stylist when they buy Virgin Lace Front and Virgin 360 Lace Wigs directly from the company online.

Photo: Courtesy of Mayvenn

“We’re here to make your hair dream comes true,” said Diishan Imira, founder and CEO of Mayvenn. “Just sit on your throne and let us do the rest.” 

With quality hair extension and white-glove service, Mayvenn aims to be more than a hair company. “We want to give our customers a complete experience that not only gets them quality hair but pampers them through the process. My goal for Mayvenn has always been to provide a service and product that celebrates the individuality, power, and beauty of my community,” said Imira.

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“It is finally time for the experience of buying hair and getting it installed to become a seamless, enjoyable, and a pampering experience that gives you the freedom to pursue your creativity without limits. You deserve great service, an incredibly knowledgeable stylist, and great products,” Imira finished.

Considering that we’re always looking for ways to save, and we enjoy being treated like queens, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of Mayvenn’s new service.


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