12 Beautiful Bright Braided Styles Just In Time For Festival Season

Samantha Callender Mar, 21, 2018

Whether you rock them as a protective style for natural hair, or you just love the style itself, there are so many ways to spice up classic plaits. Incorporating color is one way to add some personality to your style, and even the mainstream folks are starting to add colored braids to their top trends list.

Whether you achieve the color through dye or yarn is up to you, but the extra splash of color can set your braids apart from the next person. Let these pictures give you some inspiration on how to add either a pop or a full head of color to your next braid style.

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No longer a sign of growing older, gray hair is all the rage and it looks simple and chic as a braid color.

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This bold and bright color will make your braids stand out wherever you are.

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Alicia Keys rocked the orange and pink braids that are perfect for spring.

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Amandla Stenberg glowed in her blue and silver braids. These are perfect for a different pop of color.

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Solange rocked the blonde braids and took them up a notch by adding some red beads.

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Get your glow (in the dark) on with these gorgeous green braids that will def grab attention.

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This pretty and bold color is the perfect pop of color for braids that is still sweet and fresh.

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Alicia Keys is back with some awesome braids, with the pink and blue being the perfect contrasting colors.

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You can never go wrong with any shade of red in your braids for a nice pop of color.

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This mix of pastel colors are perfect for springtime fresh braids.

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These bold turquoise braids compliment melanin skin tones and the jewel color is def a bold take on braids.

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These royal blue braids are fit for a queen (that’s you)!