Celebrities Got Into The Spirit Of World Afro Day
Getty Images

Say what you will about 2020, but there are still opportunities to find joy. On Tuesday, World Afro Day was one of them, and some celebrities really got into the spirit of the day. They took to social media to show off their beautiful kinky and curly blow outs and to pay homage to the hairstyle that Black people made popular, and everyone wants to rock.

The celebration of this iconic hairstyle began in 2017 in order to reinforce the idea that Afro textured hair is beautiful and should be revered. Today, as we continue to fight for racial equality and to end hair discrimination through the CROWN Act, it’s ever so important. So it’s endearing and inspiring to see how ladies and gentlemen around the globe jumped all in showing off their gorgeous ‘fros.

Check out the gallery to see some of the celebrities who honored World Afro Day with their own new and throwback Black hair, don’t care moments that we love.

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