Brandy Talks Hair Evolution: ‘I Feel My Best When Wearing My Natural Curls’
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Be honest. Whenever you think of Brandy two things usually come to mind: A beautiful face and box braids, right? Ever since the early 90’s Brandy has practically been the face of our favorite types of braids. Whether long, big, thin or short, Brandy has excelled in all types. And, we’re so here for it.

Now the Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress is stretching beyond braids and exploring more styles. In fact, in her newest TV show, Zoe Ever After she portrays a beauty account executive who wears a classic bob.

Brandy Dishes on Her On and Off-Broadway Hair Regimens

“I love changing styles, but if left up to me I wouldn’t relax my hair,” she says. “I would wear twists, braids, and cornrows forever. I really feel best when my hair is natural.”

On the show Brandy is able to easily switch her look because her bob on the show is a wig made by Kim Kimble. “I love it because I just can’t do sew-ins anymore,” she says. “I can’t remember the last time I wore a weave!”

Weave or no weave, one thing is clear: Brandy is all about wearing protective styles and sporting her natural curls.