The Most Iconic Celebrity Braids of All Time

Black women have been rocking braids for eons, but we can't help but acknowledge the celebrities who solidified their spot in pop culture history with these iconic hairstyles. From Alicia Keys' braided cornrows to Brandy's microbraids, these are the looks that have maintained relevance since their debut years ago. 

Nikki Brown Jul, 20, 2017

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Back in 2001, the Grammy Award-winning singer rarely deviated from her signature cornrows and beads. And although her style has since evolved, this look is forever etched in our memories. 

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"Mo to the. E to the!" Who didn't want microbraids after seeing her wear them on stage and on her hit TV show?! 

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Bow wow wow. He may be rocking locs now, but in the day, Snoop put his gangsta stamp on pigtails. 

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Everything about this award-winning actress is iconic, including her many braided hairstyles in the '60s and '70s. Clearly, she was ahead of the curve. 

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The Jamaican dancehall singer was a standout in the '80s for not only her voice (remember "Family Affair?"), but her swingin' waist length braids. 

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The Compton native and legendary rapper set off most of the '90s in her signature honey blonde braids. 

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One of her biggest hits is "Forget Me Nots," but we could never forget her head full of beaded braids; a look Solange would pay homage to shortly before the release of A Seat at the Table

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From Jada Pinkett-Smith's braided bob to Queen Latifah's straight back cornrows, the hairstyles in Set It Off are almost as iconic as the film itself. 

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Although box braids were worn by Black women long before the 1993 release of Poetic Justice, Janet Jackson's take on the classic style undoubtedly inspired a new wave of women who coveted the look. 

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The rapper's skinny plaits were all the way up (literally) for most of the '90s. 

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Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith were known for their signature backwards fashion, but let's not overlook their matching braids, too. 

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These two have been winning side-by-side for decades and at one point, wore braids and beads to nearly every tournament. 

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The former 76ers basketball player broke down plenty of boundaries in the sports industry, all while rocking his signature cornrows. 

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The late singer and activist was celebrated for many things, including her knack for slaying in braids during a time when everyone seemed to do the opposite. 

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When it comes to the singer's understated style, the first thing that comes to mind is the long and luscious braid she sported in the beginning of her career. 

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Her political views are controversial to say the least, but back in 1995, the actress turned TV commentator shot to popularity as Clueless' Dionne, who wore box braids throughout the film.