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Beyonce, You're Not Alone: Our Most Embarrassing Hair Stories

Beyonce, you're not alone. Read these anxiety-inducing tress tales from our readers.

Last week, while performing in Montreal, Beyoncé’s waist-length weave got caught in a stage fan. The truth is, we’ve ALL had an embarrasing run-in with a weave or a haircut that went terribly awry. We asked our Facebook fans to chime in with their most anxiety-inducing hair horor stories and here’s what you all shared.

I teach high school students. On the second day of school, my kinky twist came out of my head and rolled down my sleeve onto the floor. Now I must mention that about 85% of my students are White and uneducated about black hair. I picked it up and popped it into my trash can by my desk. I look up and one of my students is raising her hand. When I called on her, she asked “Ummm does Black people’s hair usually just fall out like that? And why aren’t you worried?!” I burst out laughing! I mean, tears were coming down my eyes. I had to spend the next 12 minutes explaining weaves, wigs, braids, sew-ins, and washing not happening every day. —Christina H.

A few years ago, I had on a wig and I was on my way to pick up my son from daycare. There was a huge gust of wind and my wig blew off! It landed in the middle of the street and was getting ran over by cars! What’s a diva to do?…I waited until traffic let up, ever so daintily went and picked up my wig, shook it out, and put it back on…and proceeded about my day! #Mortified —Kamisha T.

I lifted my hand to smooth down my hair, trying to impress a guy who stopped to chat. When I lifted my hand my bracelet somehow became tangled in my hair.. This guy being so concerned that I couldn’t get the bracelet out tried to help. He started gently pulling until he unraveled a weave track. That was the last conversation I had with that cutie. —April C.

I was a model for a stylist in a hair show a few years ago and my hair was super tall in this futuristic matrix style. I’m already tall, so when I stood up to walk onto the stage my hair hit the chandelier and made such a loud crashing noise! So embarrassing! —Tunya L. I was driving down the road with the windows down and my wig flew off and almost went out the window. I was driving and trying to put the wig back on my head before anyone passed by and noticed my bald head. LMBO —Janice J.

I was rushing back to work after lunch inside of a taxi. When I went to get out of the cab, the little hanger for clothes over the door snagged my wig. It came off my head and the cab drove off. I had to chase it down! Good thing it was NY and because of traffic congestion, I was able to retrieve it. —Alyce A.

After work with my cute self I went shopping at Wal*Mart. Leaving the store I decided to take a shortcut to my car which was parked under a small tree. Just as I was about to step of the ledge, my half wig got caught in the tree. I grabbed it real quick not knowing who saw but had a good laugh when I got in the car. After that incident, I stayed clear of trees or anything hanging taller than I am. —Hilda

I was performing on stage with this big Diana Ross wig on. I was late getting on stage so I didn’t have time to “pin” it down. Well, my bracelet got caught in it. When I raised my arm up over my head for the “dramatization of it all”, and when I went to lower my hand, I couldn’t! The wig was stuck to my bracelet! Well, I worked it into the act….I grabbed my hair for affect, pretended that I was REALLY getting into the song. While singing, I slowly lowered my hand with the wig stuck to the bracelet and let the wig gently slide off. Some people didn’t even notice. Some people thought it was a part of the show. I was so smooth! ….I kept on singing…didn’t miss a beat. —Paula J.