Nothing complements Beyonce’s choreography better than wind blown hair.

In a behind-the-scenes video segment, celebrity hairstylist Neal Farinah shares the significance of Beyonce’s hairstyles and discusses the inspiration for her hair looks from the “Formation World Tour.”

In a video shared on Queen Bey’s Facebook page, Farinah explains how he loved working with the versatility of Black hair.

“What I love about this tour,” said the stylist, “is that this year Beyoncé changed so many textures – the straight hair, the curly hair – I love it because I get the opportunity to show more diversity and embrace her culture which is African-American.”

Farinah believes that the variation in hair looks, this year, empowered women.

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“I love that she incorporated and empowered so [many] women – not only African-American women, this year, every woman of all colors, all hair textures have embrace such an amazing style,” explained Farinah.

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In the video, Farinah doesn’t take all the credit for the hair inspiration. He goes on to explain how Beyoncé inspired and pushed him in his craft during the “Formation World Tour.”

“She has an eye that I don’t have; she sees styles that I don’t see,” states Farinah. “It’s amazing to see someone who is not a hairstylist, who just walked down the beauty salon with her mom, [have] so many great ideas and she brings them to me. And we sit down together and try to think of how can we bring this to life.”

Watch the video, here.