Beyoncé Proves She Is A True Beauty Queen With These Gorgeous Hairstyles

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 02, 2018

The entire Carter-Knowles crewis officially having the best summer ever.

In addition to an epic European vacation, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently on the summer’s hottest tour. From the music to the dance routines to the amazing costumes, OTR II is all everyone seems to be talking about.

While we, of course, love all of Yonce’s stage outfits, it’s her epic hairstyles that have also left us completely in awe this time. From voluminous ponytails to a Lara Croft-inspired braid, we can’t quite get enough.

Keepscrolling for a look at our favorite hairstyles that Queen Bey has rocked on tour so far.Which is your favorite?

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This style is all about the volume and proves why bigger is sometimes better.

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While we're used to seeing Beyoncé with honey tresses, it seems she ampted up the blonde for OTR.

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We love how this 'do perfectly mixes waves and straight pieces.

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Not quite tight curls, or crimps, these loose waves perfectly frame her face.

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We love how far back she takes this middle part.

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Only Queen Bey could make a messy ponytail look epic.

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Beyoncé gets ultra wavy with this 'do.

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We love how Beyoncé disguises any trace of a hair elastic with this tiny high ponytail.

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These cascading curls make for a true waterfall effect.

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Beyoncé makes an old style fresh with these crimps.


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