All The Products You Need To Get Your Natural Curls Poppin' This Summer

Samantha Callender May, 25, 2018

With Summer’s drying high temperatures and impending beach trips on the horizon, it’s important to take extra steps to ensure your hair’s health. The season change is a great time to revamp and reconsider your current hair routine.

Here are a few products to incorporate into your regimen to keep your curls flying free and nourished all summer long!


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Using activated charcoal, this shampoo deep cleanses strands and leaves them silky smooth.

available at Target $14.99 Buy

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This mask is packed with healthy hair ingredients such as keratin and goji berry to nourish each and every strand.

available at Mon Shampoing $51 Buy

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This conditioning bar (yes, a bar!) is great for hydrating strands in order to reduce frizz.

available at Nourished Life $25 Buy

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This shampoo uses aloe to soothe and smooth brittle strands.

available at Fairy Tales Hair Care $9.95 Buy

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Prevent breakage with this mist. Keep it in your bag to refresh strands throughout the day.

available at Flora Curl $29.00 Buy

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Make curls super defined with this moisturizing and hydrating cream.

available at Moroccan Oil $34 Buy

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Keratin and green tea work to bring your hair's natural texture.

available at Amazon $10 Buy

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Using carrot, ginger, and turnip root this serum promotes hair growth and rejuvenates follicles for strong and healthy strands.

available at Rucker Roots $24 Buy

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The best way to restore softeness to tough strands? This amazing jojoba oil mask hydrates strands.

available at Phyto $45 Buy

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Properly purifying strands is just as important as delivering mega moisture. This conditioner removes build up to ensure hair stays as healthy as possible.

available at Soapbox Soaps $7.49 Buy

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Need a product that holds definition, but still's healthy for hair? Look no further that this hair glaze.

available at The Mane Choice $16.99 Buy

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This hydration therapy series is just that. It saves overprocessed and brittle hair and restores moisture and hydration.

available at Amazon $59.99 Buy


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