15 Super Cute Protective Styles For Your Mini-Me To Rock This Summer


Samantha Callender Jun, 22, 2018

Summer is here and that means the kids will be outside enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. With all of the moving and shaking, it can be hard to find a hairstyle that will still in place for more than a day or two.

Opting for a cute protective style will not only save you the task of having to do hair all summer long, but it’ll also promote healthy hair growth. If you’re stuck on ideas, we’ve gathered some summer hair inspo for your little one this summer.


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This simple updo with a twist is not only a great protective style, but will also keep your child cool.

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@ghanaianhairstyles/ @darleanthadream

This sleek style is chic and lets air circulate on the scalp easily.

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Have fun with this braiding pattern adorned with hair jewels. Let your little one pic out their favorite jewels and accessories to add.

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Get creative with these braids that are easily turned into a half-up-half-down hairstyle. Adorn with beads and shells for a cute look.

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These jumbo braids turned side pony are super cute!

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Get super creative with a braiding pattern by braiding hair into a star. 

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Add some royal gold accessories (like beads and/or twine) to twists and scoop them into a high pony.

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Section hair off into three parts and create braids; add some breeds and then scoop them into pigtails for a twist on a classic protective style.

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These are a great option for the young girl who doesn't like pulling or tugging on their hair.

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Get super creative with this African-inspired look adorned with beads, shells, and other hair accessories.

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Take traditional cornrows up a notch with some twine and colored hair to create a fishtail pony in the back.

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Give a blunt bob some braids and beads and you’ve got an easy yet super cute look on your little one.

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Give your little one some jumbo twist and allow them to add accessories as they please for an easy and cute look.

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This braided crown is a super cute updo that also allows air to circulate to the scalp. This is definitely a style that will stay in place.

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This jumbo braided colored ponytail is easy to style and easy to customize: just ass some colored yarn or twine.


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