The Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016

We all know that black hair is versatile not only in texture, curl pattern, and color, but also in the way we style it. One day we may decide to add in bundles for length, or opt to chop it into a bob or pixie. Either way, there are are millions of styles in which to rock black hair, and these celebs decided to shake things up a bit with their style in 2016. Here’s a look at some of the best hair transformations we've seen. 

Samantha Callender Dec, 02, 2016

1 of 38 Donna Ward/Getty images

Our favorite soul sister spiced up her natural fro by adding some hair clips to her ‘do that rocked the hairstyle world.

2 of 38 @solangeknowles/instagram

And we're still obsessed. 

3 of 38 Paul Archuleta/Getty images

You never know what style you may get from Zendaya at any given moment...

4 of 38 Amanda Edwards/Getty images

If it’s not her usual sandy blonde tresses, best believe she’s making a major statement with a wig or braids.

5 of 38 Prince Williams/Getty images

This singer and actress was known for her classic straight hair...

6 of 38 Prince Williams/Getty images

...but decided to shake things up with a tapered cut that frames her face beautifully.

7 of 38 Kevin Winter/Getty images

Keke has been switching up both her fashion and hairstyles lately...

8 of 38 Matthew Simmons/Getty images

...ditching her usual straight black hair for bold colors and short lengths- though our favorite look is the jumbo braids

9 of 38 Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty images

We’re used to Meagan rocking sleek black or blonde tresses...

10 of 38 Paul Archuleta/Getty images

...but the beauty recently started rocking faux locs with a shaved sidecut!

11 of 38 Maury Phillips/Getty images

This Diva always keeps the hairstyles coming in different lengths and colors...

12 of 38 @countessdvaughn/instagram

...but this year she really wowed us with a big chop that frames her face beautifully!

13 of 38 Lester Cohen/Getty images

In addition to rocking a fresh face...

14 of 38 Theo Wargo/Getty images

...Alicia has opted to wear her natural curls instead of straight hair or braids.

15 of 38 CBS Photo Archive/Getty images

Known for his signature free form dreads....

16 of 38 Michael Stewart/Getty images

...The Weeknd debuted a fresh fade in the latter part of 2016.

17 of 38 Dominique Charriau/Getty images

Known for her braids, this eclectic lady opted to keep the style but...

18 of 38 Jim Spellman/Getty images

...change the hue, going from black braids to bold blonde.

19 of 38 Angela Weiss/Getty images

We’re used to short pixies and bobs from this beauty...

20 of 38 Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty images

but lately, she’s been rocking some major length.

21 of 38 Nicholas Hunt/BET/Getty images

Our red carpet favorite recently has been sporting a super chic blunt cut bob...

22 of 38 David Livingston/Getty images

...and we’re here for the playful look.

23 of 38 JB Lacroix/Getty images

We usually get dark curls or straight hair from Kerry...

24 of 38 Karwai Tang/Getty images

...but at this year's Met Gala, she switched it up with a pop of color

25 of 38 Kevin Winter/Getty images

Aside from her bangin’ bod, Ciara has been serving us some bang realness...

26 of 38 Lester Cohen/BBMA2016/Getty images

...a switch up from her usual layered locs.

27 of 38 Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty images

This bohemian songstress usually pairs her eclectic clothing with sleek brown hair...

28 of 38 Donato Sardella/Getty images

...though when she teamed up with Big Sean to form the group Twenty88, she rocked a reddish orange wig for a LEWK.

29 of 38 Prince Williams/Getty images

One of our most favorite Top Models traded from in her signature golden tresses...

30 of 38 John Parra/Getty images

...for some gorgeous goddess locs!

31 of 38 NBC/Getty images

Our favorite “Around the Way Girl” usually gives us diagonal bob realness...

32 of 38 Steve Granitz/Getty images

...but recently, she's been playing with fierce cut wigs, and we love it.

33 of 38 Amanda Edwards/Getty images

We love when Lupita sports her natural curls on the red carpet...

34 of 38 John Lamparski/Getty images

...though she’s recently been rocking braids that we love just as much!

35 of 38 Larry Busacca/MTV1617/Getty images

At any given moment you honestly never know what style Rihanna’s hair is going to be in...

36 of 38 Robert Kamau/Getty images

...but you can bet it’s always going to look amazing on her.

37 of 38 David M. Benett/Getty images

Usually we see long and sleek tresses from the supermodel...

38 of 38 @winnieharlow/instagram

...but she's recently been sporting a natural chop!