See How These Beautiful Black Celebrities Have Worn Cornrows (So Far!) This Year

These cornrows are anything but boring.
Jennifer Ford Aug, 09, 2018

From floor-length ombre braids to technicolored-yarn locs, flamboyant protective hairstyles are having a moment in 2018. Cornrows, the most classic braid of them all, have even been turned up a notch. What’s better is that celebrity hairstylists have taken these next-level braids to even higher heights with some of the most creative variations we’ve seen to date.

And while it’s unlikely that you’ll get to book an appointment with these Hollywood hair slayers anytime soon, you can at least draw inspiration for your next look from the coolest cornrows worn by your fave stars this year. Check them out below.

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The beauty of cornrows is that you don't require many to up your hairstyle’s wow factor. Here, three add a chic flair.

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We love these gorgeous cornrows on the Insecure star.

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It’s safe to say that the actress has a thing for pineapple, whether it’s in the form of a couture clutch or the braided updo, which is typically styled with free-flowing curls atop one’s head. The star’s hairstylist Michael David reinvented the look with cornrows and intricately pinned braids.

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Playing a superhero is hard work, but the Black Lightning actress handles it with incredible style, thanks to these sleek braids.

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The chief marketing officer at Endeavor has a crown worthy of all its glory.

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What’s better than getting your strands done in the Motherland? Needless to say, the singer’s French braids and vacation in Cape Town, South Africa, are goals.

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The actress set the bar high for summer when she debuted these fabulous cornrows back in May.

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Earlier this year celebrity hairstylist Lacey Redway adorned the Roxanne, Roxanne star’s crown with these beautiful cornrows and curls.

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The Empire actress graced our timeline back in March with this accessorized look.

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No one does artsy cornrows better than the "Good to Love" singer.


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