Alicia Keys’s Slip-Proof Head Wrap Tutorial Is A Must-See
Photo: Getty

Tutorials have been our saving grace while adapting to life at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. The instructional videos that explain everything from how to remove a gel manicure to protective styling techniques have helped us to avert quarantine beauty blunders. If you’re wondering how to prevent a head wrap from shifting, there’s a tutorial for that too. 

On Thursday, Vogue released a new episode of Beauty Secrets starring Alicia Keys, who shows fans how she achieves her luminous glow and a foolproof method for tying head wraps.

“There are so many gorgeous ways to wrap your head,” Keys explains—but pro tip: “the less slippery the material, the better,” she says. “If it’s too silky, it falls off. So you have to get a scarf that’s probably more cotton.”

Once Keys creates a sculptural updo with her scarves (she uses two), she secures her head wrap with a hair tie for extra security, and then it stays all day. “All day!” says Keys. “My head wrap is popping and so I can just go do whatever I want to do.”

If you’re also interested in seeing how the Grammy Award–winning singer starts her morning and how she cleanses and calms her glowing skin, then check out the must-see video below.

This video was shared to YouTube by Vogue.


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