Ever since Black Twitter caught wind of NiteCap founder, Sarah Marantz Lindenberg’s claim of “inventing” the silk bonnet, the delegation has made it a point to disprove her ludicrous claims.

Between social media posts that call out Marantz Lindberg for whitewashing, a look at the history of Black hair, and the bevy of bonnet companies on the market, it was pretty easy to refute her plea.

Not to mention, we’ve also gathered evidence. Ahead, we’ve rounded up five Black-owned silk bonnet brands for protecting your strands.

Since silk is made of natural fibers, bonnets lined with the material generally cost more than satin sleeping caps. However, they don’t come close to NiteCap’s eyepopping one-hundred-dollar price tag.

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To see the protective headwear from Black-owned brands, check out the gallery below.


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