MUST SEE: This Dad Is Using Quarantine To Sharpen His Head Wrapping Skills

While quarantine has forced us indoors for some of our most important life moments—graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays—the upside is more time with family. Spiritual hip hop artist Beleaf is known for his love of fatherhood, so it’s no surprise that he’s taking this quarantine time to relish in the presence of his children.

Fortunately for his little girl Anaya, he’s also taking this time to perfect a different kind of rapping skill. The father of four posted an adorable video on his Instagram page showing how he first struggled to fix her head wrap as well as his wife. But with a little bit of coaching from his little one, strong listening skills and the ability to pivot, he got it just right.

She ran to the mirror to check out his work, beaming with pride when she decided that it was good. My heart burst with joy watching this cute daddy-daughter moment. Her smile said it all. I had to double-tap that.

In the caption Beleaf wrote, “Right now is a great time to sharpen the little skills, fine-tune the little habits, and find joy in the little things.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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