8 New Natural Hair Products To Help You Combat The Dry, Cold Winter
Leonard Mc Lane

It’s hard to believe that it’s winter already. But yet, here we are, switching out our wardrobes and swapping out our beauty routines with products more moisturizing and hydrating than what we frequented during the warmer seasons.

This rings true particularly for natural girls who are tasked with keeping their curls hydrated and in-tact despite the blistering cold and dry air. The task can seem daunting, but luckily around this time each year, brands dish out the products they know naturals will be on the hunt for.

Packed with higher levels of emollients and repairing capabilities, they make it so that you don’t have to panic (as much) about your hair. And trust, there are a lot more consuming things to be concerned about these days, don’t add keeping hair healthy to that long list. 

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Ahead, check out eight new releases from shampoos to scalp treatments that are easy to use and wildly effective. They’ll restore moisture (and restore hope) for perfect curls through the winter, no matter your hair texture.


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