11 Experts We'll Always Follow For Our 4C Hair Needs

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The newest wave of beauty media carries a number of talented bloggers, makeup gurus and product junkies we love to follow for inspiration.

Alexis Webb Jan, 17, 2017

Most of us are able to find generic DIY’s and beauty blogs targeted toward a mainstream audience, but discovering a blogger that shares our specific beauty characteristics, especially as it pertains to hair, is truly priceless. Caring for natural hair is a unique, personal experience, so finding a hair-preneur equipped to help us achieve certain looks is very fulfilling. These 11 experts are some of the best in the beauty-sphere, and poised to be your new hair crush. 

1 of 11 @naturalbelle/Instagram

Natural Belle will keep you in the loop with product reviews and even foods that help your hair journey go a little more smoothly.

2 of 11 @etcblogmag/Instagram

Whether you like to search Instagram, prefer hair tutorials or want to read up on the latest about 4C hair innovation, Yolanda Renee has you covered. Her knack for creating diverse (and quick) tutorials, will help the next time you're looking for a new ‘do.

3 of 11 @jessicapettway/Instagram

Jessica Pettway makes being a natural hair guru and mom look way too easy! Although she has faced some criticism for putting crotchet twists in her then two-year-old daughter's hair, it hasn’t stopped her from creating informational, fun video tutorials for 4C enthusiasts.

4 of 11 @mynaturalsistas/Instagram

My Natural Hair Sistas have created versatile do’s and don’ts of the 4C hair game. The trio of real sisters cover most aspects of the natural hair journey, from shampooing and conditioning to achieving that poppin’ twist out!

5 of 11 @charyjay/Instagram

Charlay slays tutorials and product reviews, all while staying true to her hair texture. She has every aspect of social media covered, so you’ll find tons of hair love no matter what medium you prefer.

6 of 11 @chimeedwards/Instagram

Chime is everyone's HairCrush, and rightfully so! The 4c beauty blogger slays with all things 4C hair inspired, whether you're looking for simple inspiration or more in depth tutorials.

7 of 11 @afrobella/Instagram

Afrobella creator Patrice Grell Yursik created her blog almost 10 years ago, and has been helping people toward a healthy hair journey ever since! Her brand expanded rapidly to work with big names like MAC, but she stays true to her 4C roots, continuously publishing advice for the natural girls with tight coils.

8 of 11 @curlynikki/Instagram

Curly Nikki keeps it current with news related to natural hair, and tons of tips, tricks and DIY methods for sustaining healthy hair length.

9 of 11 @neffyfrofro/Instagram

Explore your love of hair and culture with Fusion of Cultures creator Leila-Jean, also known as @Neffyfrofro. The UK-based blogger merges love of natural hair, tutorials and cultural diversity to create a blog that is unique and fun.

10 of 11 @naptural85/Instagram

Naptural85 has been slaying the hair game for years, and taking us along for the ride! Whether she is teaching us easy DIYs or keeping us in the know with poppin’ protective styles, she has truly become a maven in the natural hair world.

11 of 11 @naturallygg/Instagram

The afro vlogging sister duo are a walking 4C hair dictionary, with plenty of fashion and beauty tips to match! We love watching these two slay side by side.