In the year 2022, Black women are enjoying their natural hair, more so than ever. Once again, we honor our gorgeous sisters who proudly flaunt their short and kinky natural curls, as well as their long and magnificent locs. We’re proud of the ladies that rock a ‘fro and curl their hair in a whirl of curls to show off their true 4C texture.

What many people don’t realize is how much love and care your 4C hair needs, particularly hydration, gentle detangling, and plenty of nourishment. Remember that your hair reflects what you put into it, so treating it well is essential.

While personal habits affect hair quality, the right products can make a major difference in curl definition and softness. No one appreciates our crowns as much as the products that cater to our tresses and reinvent how we look after them.

From conditioners to edge controllers, you’ll discover a selection of our favorite OG products that have served us well in the past and continue to today—ahead.