40 Founders Of Black-Owned Hair Care Brands You Should Know About
Photo: Instagram/@therochellegraham

Black women have a unique set of hair care needs that aren’t easily understood—which is why the companies who create products specially formulated for our kinky, curly and coily tresses hold a special place in our hearts.

At the helm of these beloved brands are Black business owners who’ve made it their mission from the beginning to address the gaps in effective hair care options for people of color.

They’ve made it their mission to create safe products that work on our varied hair textures while simultaneously generating millions of dollars for the Black community—both equally critical tasks most industry giants fail to accomplish.

In the wake of the recent nationwide call for increased long-term support of Black-owned businesses, there’s no better time than now to recognize the men and women behind these brands created for us and by us.

Here are 40 of the founders behind our favorite Black-owned hair care brands that need our continued support now more than ever.

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Editor’s note: There are several Black-owned hair care brands and we regret that we could not include them all, and their founders, in this list. ESSENCE will continue to promote Black-owned brands and entrepreneurs creating quality products year-round.


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