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15 Ways To Slay Your Hair In Head Wraps This Summer

And when all else fails. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, we got a sneak peek of summer 2k19. We attended cookouts, stretched out on the beach, and finally came head to head with the heat and humidity–which is why we’ll be leveling up our head wrap game this season. While having fun in the sun, our edges suffered, and our curls barely survived. But we were still able to keep our slay dreams alive by enlisting the help of the stylish hair accessory. Head wraps are a shoo-in for covering up our strands on challenging hair days and hot ones too. The summer will be full of both so we’re getting reacquainted with the countless ways to wear them. You may only be familiar with the popular turban style, but the options are plenty. To see the beautiful possibilities, scroll through the gallery below.