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[MUSIC] My name is Nailah Jefferson, I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. I originally wanted to be a journalist. But then I watched Ken Burns' Jazz and I said, I wanna make documentaries. And so I attended the Boston University, studied film and television. And, I was able to make my first film in 2014. The way that I would best describe my style as just, I try and be honest. I just want them to be truthful, authentic, stories. I want to give you a human connection because I think that's what will shine through and connect people to the film each and every time. When I'm choosing a subject or story, in a lot of ways I look for somebody who has Something in them that I wish that I had in me. With Vernecia I feel like she has a certain wisdom and a certain confidence that I didn't have when I was her age, and focus, and self awareness, and to see that in a young person so determined, I think it's something that audiences can be inspired by. What interests me most about Since Black Girl Magic Project is. As a black woman I've often thought of others for a long time that we are the least appreciated, the most devalued people on this earth. I really think so. When you look at magazines. When you look at influences. There are so many areas that we put our stamp on. we never get the credit. We can be clever, but we're never smart. We can be stylish but we're never inventive. You know what I mean? And so for Essence to see- No we need to profile black women, particularly young black women, and let the world know that they are magical; they have their magic, they have their style. They have their sense of self; sense of awareness. To offer. Black girl magic, to me is that certain special thing that every black woman has no matter what shade you are, no matter how tall, how slim, how thick, where you come from. It's that certain resolve that we have, it's the arch of our back, it's the way that we walk, it's the way that we That we speak. That's the magic to me. And it's also in the sisterhood that we have. There are certain things that only black women take part in and only another sister will understand. That's truly our magic, and it Something that we need to celebrate more. And I'm happy to see Essence celebrating it in these young, black women because they truly are magical. [MUSIC]

ESSENCE Black Girl Magic: Meet Episode 4 Director Nailah Jefferson

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Nailah Jefferson is a filmmaker influenced greatly by her southern roots.